My doctor says nothing could be done different


Over the years I’ve come across a number of clients who’ve come to me after their doctor told them something like it’s nobody’s fault or nothing could have been done or these things just happen. So what do you do when an unexpected tragedy occurs and your doctor tells you it’s no one’s fault, these things happen. Well the sad truth is that the medical profession covers for itself. Many healthcare providers will tell a patient that, hoping that they won’t go and get a second opinion and they won’t consult a lawyer. If there’s been an unexpected terrible result from medical treatment, you owe it to your loved one to speak with experienced medical malpractice lawyers such as my firm, to take a look at it and find out if in fact it was just one of those things or whether it was medical malpractice, whether the doctors failed to live up to the standard that doctors expect of themselves and their colleagues.