How to Choose a Medical Malpractice Firm?


Folks ask me occasionally how do you choose a medical malpractice lawyer. Well, of course you look at success. What has the firm done? What have the lawyers at that firm accomplished in representing people with a type of malpractice that you have? For example, in cerebral palsy you don’t go to an employment lawyer to represent you in a cerebral palsy case, you go to lawyers who are experienced in handling cerebral palsy. My partners and I, we’ve recovered millions and millions of dollars for our clients in cerebral palsy and other medical malpractice cases around the country. We have the largest verdict ever, at least at the time it was ever and may still be in the District of Columbia at $24 million. My partners have gotten a verdict in Oregon of almost $12 million. We’ve gotten multiple multimillion dollar recoveries in states across the United States, but results, while their nice, you want to go and also look to the people behind the results. What do they bring that differentiates them from other firms that have gotten good results from clients. My partners are doctors who became lawyers. My partners bring a medical expertise to every case that they’re working on something that other folks don’t bring to the table. They’re able to look at a case and quickly understand the medicine and fight for the people that we represent. When we go in and take a deposition we ask questions of the defense experts the doctors and defendants hire to go and explain away their mal practice. My partners rip them to shreds because they can’t be snowed by medical terminology thrown out by the defense experts and by crazy theories of defense because my partners were trained as doctors just like the defense experts were and therefore, in my opinion, it’s unlikely you’d find a better medical malpractice team to fight for you than my law firm.