How are we different then other firms?

You know people often ask me, you know Wayne what makes your firm different from the other malpractice law firms out there, and the answer to me is as plain as the nose on my face. I put a firm together of people who are medical doctors who became lawyers. Two of my partners went to medical school and earned their MD’s and my third partner, she practiced registered nursing for 12 years before she became a lawyer. We know the medicine, and as a result of the fact that my partners are doctors who became lawyers and a nurse who became lawyer, we’ve have record results around the country, we’ve earned record verdict in the District of Columbia, the highest verdict ever, back at the time. It may still be the highest. We’ve earned verdicts in the eight figures in places as far away as Oregon. We’ve gotten 7 and 8 figure recoveries in multiple states, and it’s because when you have a doctor/lawyer representing you, the other side can’t make it up. They get challenged on everything. When they bring in expert witnesses who are trying to blow smoke, my partners and I see through the smoke. We cut to the heart of the matter, and with their medical training, bringing me along, and bringing the jury along, we’re able to see clearly the medical negligence and to present the strongest case possible on behalf of our clients.