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At Gershon Willoughby and Getz, LLC we believe the best way to effectively advocate for victims injured by medical malpractice is to attend medical school and then fight relentlessly to enforce victim’s rights. I am Dr. Zev Gershon, Esq., a doctor-lawyer and founding partner of Gershon Willoughby and Getz, LLC. Over our 70 cumulative years of helping victims and their families recover for medical injuries, we have found our medical training to be critical in the successful recovery of fair and appropriate compensation for our clients.

As a result, the majority of our firm’s partners have graduated from medical school. Our medical training combined with our successful track record and the fact that medical malpractice is all we do, distinguishes our law firm from other national malpractice firms. If we do not successfully recover for you, there is no fee or expense. If you are visiting the Gershon Firm because of a birth injury or birth related disability such as Cerebral Palsy, click here.

Birth injuries such as Cerebral Palsy result in lifelong disability and tremendous financial expense. Obtaining fair and appropriate compensation to pay lifelong expenses is absolutely critical. In birth injury malpractice, the doctors, hospitals and their hired gun medical experts go to great lengths to hide and cover up the truth. Our record setting verdicts and settlements* reflects our philosophy that lawyers advocating for injured clients must know the medicine in order to stop the defense cover up. As a malpractice litigation firm, our philosophy has always been that there is no better way to maximize recovery for the harms and losses suffered by seriously injured clients than to have medical training. That is why the majority of our law partners graduated medical school. Our successful record of handling medical negligence cases from Maryland to Oregon and throughout the country*, including the highest medical malpractice verdict ever in Washington DC*, has shown that our philosophy is effective at obtaining the best possible results on behalf of our clients.  (Read more)


$24 Million – Record malpractice verdict in Washington DC* Largest verdict ever in DC resulting from Malpractice/Birth Injury.

$14.5 Million Verdict- Birth Injury (December 2018) Wrongful Birth - Iowa

$10.8M – Cerebral Palsy Birth Injury- Oregon.

$7.8M- Brain Damage Birth Injury- Ohio.

$6M- Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy/Birth Injury- Maryland.

$6M- Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy- Ohio.

$5.5M- Birth Injury Cerebral Palsy- Maryland.

$5.25M- Brain damage Birth Injury- Georgia.

We review Birth Injury & Medical Malpractice cases Nationwide.


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    Dr. Gershon is an attorney and a doctor. He has been recognized among the “Best Lawyers in America” and a “Top Attorney” by Super Lawyers, a prestigious recognition reserved for the best attorneys. He is “AV Preeminent” rated by Martindale. As a Doctor/Attorney, Dr. Gershon has successfully recovered millions of dollars for babies with birth defects and seriously injured victims of malpractice, including a record setting verdict in Washington D.C. for $24M. For this and other multi-million dollar verdicts & settlements nationwide, click here.

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    Wayne Willoughby


    Mr. Willoughby has earned multiple prestigious recognitions in the pursuit of medical negligence; among them are the highest Martindale and Avvo ratings. He is recognized as a “Super Lawyer” and has been selected to teach malpractice law to Maryland’s Appellate Judges. Mr. Willoughby is nationally recognized as one of the most intelligent and effective malpractice trial lawyers. He represents children nationwide with birth injuries and seriously injured victims of malpractice. He has an extensive list of multi-million dollar and record setting verdicts.

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    Birth Injury Lawyers


    Dr. Getz, a doctor and malpractice attorney has been representing injured children and victims of malpractice for over two decades.  Dr. Getz and the trial lawyers at Gershon, Willoughy and Getz, LLC represent clients in Maryland and throughout the country.  Dr. Getz believes their success as a trial team can be attributed to the majority of their law partners being medical doctors. Medical Malpractice is complex litigation, but we have similar medical school training which we find is a powerful advantage that we offer to our clients.

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    What Our Clients Say:

    I can't say enough about Gershon, Willoughby and Getz!
    Let alone the complexities of my case I can tell you that when it comes to medical malpractice,
    if you can hire a lawyer that is actually a doctor, there is no other way to go! -V.H.


    Following the unexpected loss of my spouse I spoke to many lawyers. I was surprised how many
    "malpractice lawyers" had no idea what I was talking about. I soon as I spoke to Dr. Gershon, he knew exactly what I was talking about and my search was over.


    After the birth of my child, and the devastating news that there was a problem, that my son would
    never be normal, I was lost. I had no idea where to turn. After speaking with the lawyers at the Gershon firm it became clear they were familiar with my situation and that they were the right firm for us. Because of their knowledge and ability, I was able to recover the money my son will need. - J.S.


    Gershon, Willoughby and Getz is a nationally recognized law firm of lawyer-doctors that
    aggressively pursues Medical Malpractice and Birth Injury cases throughout the
    Country. Click on Verdicts and Settlements to see some of our record setting results
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    Selecting an experienced and effective medical malpractice law firm can be a confusing and daunting task because so many lawyers appear on the Internet.  Since you only have one chance to win in court, the selection of an appropriate firm is very important.  Like anything else on the Internet, a bit of research goes a long way in terms of determining who is the very best choice to assist your family in this important decision.  One thing that is important to look at is the trial verdicts and results that the firm has achieved in the past.  While a track record of success is not an indicator of how your case will resolve, a successful track record does show who is willing to go to court and fight aggressively for your babies future. It also tends to show who has the financial, legal and medical resources to see your case through to successful conclusion.  Like any profession, not all lawyers are created equally- frankly some are better than others.  Trial lawyers are willing to go to court and fight for you, not all lawyers are willing and able to go to court. Even among trial lawyers some are better than others, some have earned tremendous peer recognition and outstanding results, for example, see attorney profile Gershon or Willoughby.   You can tell by their verdicts and settlements who is willing and able to go to court and obtain fair and appropriate justice for your child. Also the background and education of the lawyer(s) is highly relevant. The Firm of Gershon Willoughby and Getz is unique because the majority of our lawyers are actual medical doctors and nurses. We believe we have the finest background and training to advocate for our clients and we believe that has assisted us in obtaining record verdict and settlements throughout the country.  We also believe that the “firm” approach that we bring to each case we accept is important.  Unlike solo-practitioners for example, we roundtable all cases among all our medical doctors and nurses to determine the most effective approach to present your case in court. Finally, determine if the law firm you are considering will be handling the case themselves or sending your case to another firm for handling.  Many law firms do not handle your case directly rather they refer you to another law firm, such as ours, to handle.  At Gershon, Willoughby and Getz our lawyers are trial lawyers and trying medical negligence cases is all we do. Your case will stay with our firm through settlement or the jury’s verdict.
    Your doctor is trained by the insurance company lawyers what to say to you following a bad result.  Insurance companies and their lawyers actually provide classes to doctors to teach them how to handle patients following injuries and/or malpractice.  You will never hear a doctor say, “Sorry I made a terrible mistake, let me make that right.”  Those words are never going to be uttered.  Thus, even if your doctor told you there was nothing she could have done differently, you still should seek the advice of a qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorney to give you an unbiased opinion on your case.  Good malpractice lawyers will review your case and your medical records and tell you what happened and they will do so at no charge to you. This is the opinion you should be relying on- not your doctors.  At Gershon, Willoughby and Getz, because we are lawyer-doctors we are able to offer our clients the best of both worlds, ie. a legal opinion based upon the medicine involved in your case; generally we  do not need outside medical experts to tell us what happened. We can determine that and tell you.
    No you are not! The result of serious medical malpractice is devastating on many levels.  Your child may need specialized care for the rest of their life.  The emotional trauma to the family is overwhelming while the financial drain for extended care can leave a family near the brink of financial ruin.  Somebody has to pick up the financial burden caused by the doctor, nurse or hospital.  The party best suited to pick up that financial burden is the insurance company behind your medical providers.  That is what the hospital and doctors pay insurance for.  So no, you are not a bad person because you seek the correct party- the insured party, to pay for the serious harm and permanent injuries they caused. The decision to move forward with a lawsuit is an important decision. However, the most important decision you can make is retaining the correct law firm to advocate for your child since you only have one chance to go to court.
    No you do not. Medical malpractice cases are expensive to bring to court.  They require a number of medical experts to be called in court to testify to the care that was rendered and this can run well into the tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Capable medical malpractice law firms advance all those expenses for you and they only take a fee from the recovery when they are successful.  Thus, while birth injury and medical malpractice cases are indeed expensive, with the majority of malpractice firms, it should not cost you a dime to pursue your case. At Gershon, Willoughby and Getz we pay all expenses for you and we only earn a fee when we recover compensation for you and your baby.
    The financial burden of specialized care for your child is going to fall upon somebody.  If you do nothing, it is going to fall upon the parents and family.  Depending where you live there may be state programs available to assist and federal government subsidies to help.  While these programs can lighten the financial load, it is certainly not the same thing as substantial and appropriate compensation for the permanent injuries caused by the malpractice.  Filing a lawsuit in court is the only way to recover appropriate compensation to help defray a lifetime of expense.  Moreover, when a case is successfully resolved money can be structured so that your child has financial benefits to protect them throughout their entire life.
    Not all lawyers are created equal and not all lawyers see a case the same way. Because of our medical background and formal training, he have reviewed and accepted cases that other lawyers have declined and we have recovered multi-million dollar verdicts for the families.  That’s not to say that we accept every case that we review or that every case can be won.  But we feel that our medical training as doctors helps us see things other lawyers may miss in the review of a malpractice case.  Thus, even if other lawyers have declined to represent your case, it is worth it to let our lawyer-doctors take a look and see what we think.  There is never a cost to you and you might be surprised what we find.
    At Gershon, Willoughby and Getz we handle our own cases!  We are a law firm of trial lawyers who are medical doctors.  We also have a nurse lawyer on staff as well.  We believe that we are best suited to handle birth injury medical malpractice lawsuits because of our medical training which is similar to the doctors who committed the medical negligence.  We believe that few other law firms have the experience, training, knowledge, and aggressiveness that we bring to bear for our clients.  Indeed, many other law firms actually refer us their medical malpractice cases to handle.  When you contact us to review your case, you will speak with our lawyer-doctors and we will handle your case directly.
    The majority of lawyers that handle personal injury cases such as medical malpractice and specifically birth injury cases handle them on a contingency fee basis.  Contingency fee basis means you do not pay the lawyer for their services out of your pocket.  The lawyer gets paid when they successfully recover money for the harms and injuries that you and your child have suffered. The lawyer gets a percentage of the financial recovery obtained in court or by settlement.  This is important because medical malpractice cases are expensive to bring to court; they take time and require the testimony of multiple expert witnesses on both sides of the case.  The average person would not be able to put up the tens of thousands of dollars of expenses that malpractice cases require; thus, malpractice attorneys will advance the case expense money for you and only recover those expenses and a fee when they win your case.  If you speak to a lawyer about your case and they request that you advance any of your own money- we suggest you seek another lawyer. At Gershon, Willoughby and Getz we advance all expense money for you and only get paid when we recover for you. We never ask you for a dime!