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Verdicts & Settlements

The following is a brief list of notable Verdicts and Settlements that we have achieved on behalf of our injured clients and their family.  Gershon, Willoughby and Getz, LLC located in Maryland, is a nationally recognized Medical Malpractice law firm reviewing cases in all states on a case by case basis.  If you are concerned about the medical care you or a love one received, we invite you to contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

Jury VerdictLocationCase Detail
$24 MillionWashington D.C.Largest verdict ever for malpractice case in D.C. on behalf of a brain damaged infant resulting in Cerebral Palsy from lack of oxygen
$10.8 MillionOregonCerebral Palsy resulting from nurse failure to act.
$7.8 MillionOhioBrain Damaged baby related to placental abruption
$6 MillionMarylandCerebral Palsy due to mismanaged care of baby
$6 MillionOhioDelay in Delivery resulting in avoidable Cerebral Palsy
$5.5 MillionMarylandChild born with congenital birth defect secondary to misread sonogram
$5.25 MillionGeorgiaBrain damaged baby resulting from Doctor’s failure to show up
$5 MillionMarylandSettlement for child with Cerebral Palsy following mismanaged care
$4.25 MillionOhioDelay in delivery causing death & brain damage of twins
$4 MillionMarylandRetardation from mismanaged care
$4 MillionOhioMidwife Delay in calling physician resulting in brain damage to infant
$4 MillionMarylandCerebral Palsy from lack of Oxygen, baby delayed in birth canal
$3.25 MillionMichiganDelay in delivery resulting in birth defect-Cerebral Palsy